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A/B Testing isn't Dead

The modern guide to personalized website UX

Why guess when you could know?

The website user experience depends heavily on understanding how people interact and behave. The role that testing plays is still paramount in making the decisions that personalize content for users and create the meaningful experiences that lead to enduring customer relationships.

A/B testing is a vehicle that enables your visitors to tell you exactly what is most important to them. At the most foundational level, testing allows you to use your data to find areas ripe for optimization, to formulate ways to improve, to apply those hypotheses, to learn from your results, and to gain actionable insights. It’s often been said that you are not leveraging the measurement programs that you already have in place if you are not A/B testing. It’s how you collect the most actionable data and it comes directly from your visitors.

This guide covers practical steps for preparing A/B tests, where to get your data and how to use it, and ways to set measurable goals. Learn how to review results, to iterate tests with adjustments, and to actualize improvements from test data by moving winning experiences into production.