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The 2019 Amazon Advertising Playbook

The UK marketing landscape has been undergoing a steady transformation over the last few years, with traditional digital players losing ground to the e-commerce superpower Amazon. Advertisers who invest in this emerging channel benefit from a huge in-market customer base and a growing captive audience within the consideration phase; while many advertisers who do not risk losing touch with a significant slice of their customer base.

Although the functionality and sophistication of Amazon’s DSP and search marketing tools are still lagging behind competitors, the level of recent investment in advertising infrastructure and the existing benefits of the platform make Amazon a formidable player - and one that should be a serious consideration in any e-commerce strategy

In this paper we explore:

  • The key considerations behind setting up as a “retail ready” business on Amazon
  • The capabilities of Amazon’s search platform and how these can be utilized to support an advanced search strategy
  • How Amazon’s DSP audience targeting functionality can be leveraged most effectively across a variety of ad formats
  • The growing potential for multi-channel strategy and the benefits this can bring to businesses on Amazon
Amazon Playbook