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Data Management Platforms

Nailing the implementation

If you are implementing a data management platform (DMP), regardless of which platform you choose, there are several key considerations to be aware of when turning this powerful online engine on.

Like any engine, in order to run properly, it must be precisely assembled, well maintained, and adequately fueled before you turn it on.

In this analogy, the DMP is the engine, the fuel is the data flowing through the DMP, and the key assembly components are the technology and skills to push data from the DMP to enable better digital marketing.

Although DMPs are still in their infancy, turning one on, if done properly, will ensure greater ROI, and help you get there more quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Methodologies for implementation plan development
  • The phases and necessary components to phases of a project, including addressing online and offline data
  • Key integrations and considerations for your DMP
  • The steps needed for a successful data management platform integration.