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Rapid Audience Layer: A cloud-based, data management solution

One of the biggest challenges for senior marketers today is to understand and execute a personalised user experience across multiple channels and media. Achieving this in practice is problematic as marketing has become fast-paced and agile, yet data platform projects are still long and cumbersome, with customer and business benefits not delivered until the end of the programme.

Merkle has introduced the Rapid Audience Layer (RAL), a cloud-based, data management solution. RAL allows you to collate marketing data from many different sources, store it in its natural and native form in the cloud and deliver it in different formats. The user can then explore, query, report, visualise and analyse their data quickly – providing a good foundation for an organisation’s people-based marketing transformation.

In this paper, you will learn

  • How to build the foundation for a people-focussed customer strategy
  • The key capabilities of an audience data hub
  • How RAL can help your organisation at various development stages