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Total Customer Experience, fuelled by Next Best Actions

One of the key trends of the last few years has been the inexorable shift to personalised marketing. In the coming year, this approach will grow even more refined – moving from personalised to simply ‘personal’. The most successful marketers will be able to target customers with unique content and consistency across their whole journey and life-cycle, reducing churn and increasing revenue as their customers always receive information that’s appropriate, relevant and timely to their individual situation. This could be described as delivering a total customer experience and we see it as the only way forwards to the future of successful customer interactions.

One key driver towards this total customer experience is to manage a successful decisioning programme – one that operates by means of next best action selection and delivery to each customer. It can seem a confusing world of terminology, strategy and rationale to the uninitiated, however, so in this white paper we will examine the “Next Best Action” Marketing (NBA) technology and framework, explaining what it is and its business benefits.

This whitepaper is a beginner’s guide to Next Best Action marketing – the terms, theories and rationale behind a decisioning system. This involves a central brain that sits at the heart of all customer communications for a brand, making automated decisions and recommendations about what content to show/communicate to each individual customer, driving a highly personalised experience for all customers.

Next best actions