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"You wouldn’t talk to your mother like that, would you?"

When you’ve got some news to share, a compelling question that just can’t wait, or you just fancy a chat, how do you reach your father, mother, partner, sibling, friend, or colleague? Do you call, email, or text or race over to their place to break the news in person?

Are you thinking ‘well…it depends’? Who you’re trying to reach? What time of day it is? What technology they have? When you last spoke? And a whole host of other factors.

Is there a successful way to reach everyone with one form of communication? Chances are, your communication patterns have their own idiosyncrasies, developed over the course of your relationship with the different people in your life.

Why should it be any different for companies trying to reach customers? Imagine the incremental success they might have in getting through to customers if they used an analytics-driven approach.

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