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The 2018 Amazon Ads Playbook

In this playbook, Merkle shares best practices for Amazon’s key ad offerings, covering everything from basic set-up details to more advanced strategies.

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Creating a Data-Driven Competitive Advantage

Being able to provide relevant, appropriate and personalised journeys to customers is the key to creating connected experiences of the future that effectively build and retain customer bases.

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The Future of Customer Engagement

Banking has changed dramatically since the days of visiting the local branch a few times a week. Online and mobile banking lets customers conduct most of their daily banking transactions without ever setting foot in a brick-and-mortar bank
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Cannes Lions 2019 - Will all brands of the future be a service?

Consumer expectations are growing. We know that. In fact, most brands are no longer about products. Consumers expect a decent experience. They expect brands to know what they want, when they want it. It’s about service. Brands as a service. There’s a growing antipathy towards advertising in the UK.
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The 2019 Amazon Advertising Playbook

The UK marketing landscape has been undergoing a steady transformation over the last few years, with traditional digital players losing ground to the e-commerce superpower Amazon. In this paper we explore the key considerations behind setting up as a “retail ready” business on Amazon.
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Introducing the Conscious Advertising Network

In response to the need for collective action on advertising abuse, the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) has been formed. Merkle | Periscopix are proud to say that we have been heavily involved from the outset and that we will continue to be a core member.
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Introducing the Conscious Advertising Network

It is easy to evade our personal responsibilities for a plethora of reasons, but we cannot hide for long from the consequences of doing so. Inaction always catches up with us and it can often lead to demonstrable negative consequences.
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Customer Experience: From Personalisation to Personal

There’s a significant shift that is gathering pace in 2019 – the evolution of the total customer experience. This not only encompasses consumers’ digital and non-digital touchpoints, but their engagement with buying, service, product and brand experiences – the positive and negative ones. As it should.
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Will the real data scientist please stand up?

Data science is an emerging sector, and it’s a bit like the Wild West where rules are still being made up. Perhaps that’s why impostor syndrome – the fear of being found out to be a fraud or feeling inadequate – is so prevalent.