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The 2018 Amazon Ads Playbook

In this playbook, Merkle shares best practices for Amazon’s key ad offerings, covering everything from basic set-up details to more advanced strategies.

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Creating a Data-Driven Competitive Advantage

Being able to provide relevant, appropriate and personalised journeys to customers is the key to creating connected experiences of the future that effectively build and retain customer bases.

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Why data does not have value – people do

Companies today have access to more data than ever before but converting that data into value remains one of the top priorities for most marketing teams.
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Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value explores the emphasis companies are placing on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), how companies are measuring CLV and the results they are seeing.
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Search History: Google meets Jocelyn Le Conte from Merkle

In our new series, Search History, we speak to the leading lights of search marketing to celebrate 20 years of Search. Delving into key decision makers’ personal and professional relationships with search, we explore how things have changed over the past two decades, and what the future has in store.
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The new era of personalisation?

Richard Lees of Merkle EMEA shares how brands can move towards being personal, not just personalised in his recent article in WARC. Learn best approaches for your sector, & key steps to People-based Marketing.