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Hyper-personalization and the Connected Customer Experience

Embrace the power of consumers. Welcome the revolution.

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Harnessing content at scale for highly personal, channel agnostic experiences

Customers are now expecting increasingly personal experiences across channels. Advances in data and technology are leading this transformation and changing user behaviour.

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Building an effective marketing team

Marketing leaders are increasingly faced with digital disruption; brands are under immense scrutiny to react quickly to technological change and consumer expectations. Creating a marketing team that can succeed in this climate is more difficult than ever before.
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The 2019 Google Playbook

Assembling your Google Marketing Platform jigsaw for true effectiveness can be tough. Let Merkle help you put it together.
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Creating a Data-Driven Competitive Advantage

Being able to provide relevant, appropriate and personalised journeys to customers is the key to creating connected experiences of the future that effectively build and retain customer bases.
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The Final Frontier: The quest to achieve total customer-centricity

What makes a good company great? Very few businesses actually manage to make the leap to greatness. It requires not just gaining competitive advantage but maintaining it. This is difficult to do and, to succeed, businesses have to balance and coordinate across so many conflicting dimensions.
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Learning In The Workplace For Career Progression – Merkle

We’re one week into the new school year. Children across the country will have received up to 32.5 hours of learning already but, at work, how have you used that time? Chances are that very little of it has been devoted to learning something new.
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"You wouldn’t talk to your mother like that, would you?"

When you’ve got some news to share, a compelling question that just can’t wait, or you just fancy a chat, how do you reach your father, mother, partner, sibling, friend, or colleague? Do you call, email, or text or race over to their place to break the news in person?