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Audience Management & Activation

Combining known and anonymous audiences is key in cross-channel marketing programs.

Marketers often struggle with integrating data across online and offline sources into a single customer view for targeting. Your organisational structure might perpetuate siloes that result in a channel-centric approach to targeting. This often leads to waste in marketing resources and a broken brand experience for the customer.

Marketing technology platforms such as DMPs bring real-time audience targeting, cross-channel activation, and personalised experiences together for marketers as a solution that: 

  • Integrates CRM data, analytics, and intelligence with real-time signals from all digital channels (e.g., website, paid media, and email)
  • Solves digital targeting limitations associated with performance, scale, and lack of visibility on digital user profiles. 
  • Allows marketers to use data across channels to trigger more coordination between email, display, and site.
  • Enables the creation of an “always-on” marketing system that responds to real-time interaction and drives contextually relevant personalisation.
Getting value from your DMP investment requires a clearly defined strategy, a team with platform expertise, and a new operational process.

Merkle’s approach is comprehensive and spans from advisory services and helping clients select a platform to activating audiences through the DMP.

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We partner with you to:

  • Develop digital audience targeting roadmaps to evolve your organisation’s audience targeting capabilities
  • Analyse, segment, and activate audience-based, cross-channel targeting
  • Use predictive analytics, segmentation, and decision engines to create, activate, and optimise audiences
  • Implement both industry and Merkle best practices for audience-based campaign execution

Our team:

We are a multi-skilled team that helps define your audience activation strategy roadmap along with managing your digital platforms to drive ROI for your marketing programs with:

  • 30+ dedicated resources bringing deep understanding and experience in all leading DMP solutions
  • A mix of technology, analytics, and media resources to support all phases of DMP activation
  • Advanced analytics professionals with experience in propensity modeling and segmentation

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