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Audience Strategy with Neuroanalytics

Set your brand's performance standard with scientific customer insight

Neuroanalytics is a solution within audience strategy that allows you tap into your customers’ subconscious motivations, so you can understand how different segments make decisions, identify what matters to them, and create the most impactful customer relationships you’ve ever had.

Achieve the following:

  • Impact: Customers notice messaging that hits on what they care about most.
  • Performance: Ads built on motivations have shown up to 80% improvement over controls.
  • Innovation: Tap into a neglected field of customer data that can create a huge impact.

Built on Science

A combination of cognitive psychology and advanced analytics, Neuroanalytics discovers the deep-seated motivations that subconsciously drive purchase decisions, then quantifies them for statistical significance within audience segmentation.

Universal Applications

The insights, segmentation, messaging guidelines, and customer journeys that come out of this process improve any initiative they touch. You can align high-level brand messaging to engage your most valuable customers or translate segments into data points and use programmatic media to address likely-to-convert individuals.

Impressive Impact

Studies found that when ads were built on Neuroanalytics, the correlation to purchase intent rose as high as 80%; when motivations weren’t considered in ads, purchase intent correlation dropped as low as 0-20%.

Industry Leaders Are Recognizing Our Potential

“Merkle’s application of behavioral psychology principles through a practice called laddering makes its business strategy offering one of the best.”
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Forrester Research, Inc.

The Forrester Wave™: Search Marketing Agencies, Q4 2017