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Data Acquisition, Activation & Management

Make your data work for your marketing goals.

The exponential growth of data-driven marketing has spawned far-reaching innovation. Now, the data landscape is infinitely more varied and complex than anything marketers envisioned a decade ago. While marketers feel the impact of this transformation, many lack the tools and market expertise needed to execute a sound data strategy. 

To help tackle this challenge, Merkle provides both the proven data products and the tailored data acquisition services that drive competitive advantage through access to superior market data:

  • Products: DataSource is Merkle’s proprietary data set that fuels omni-channel, people-based marketing across the entire consumer journey. It’s rich in B2C insights and serves as your foundational data asset across demographics, financial, and lifestyle data.
  • Services:  We provide data strategy and acquisition services that deliver niche and vertical specific data tailored to your campaign and market objectives. In addition, our scientifically proven and data-agnostic process, Data Valuation Lab, will help you build the highest-quality segments to meet your marketing needs.

These products and services rest on four principles that help brands craft a long-term, enterprise-wide data strategy:

Market Agnostic Data

Market Agnostic
To find the best data, one must have ready access to the entire market

Performance Driven Data

Performance Driven
A robust framework is needed to test data and pick winners

People Based Data

People Based
Only data tied to individuals or households can support accountable marketing

All Channel Data

All Channel
Any data of value should be used across all consumer touchpoints

Your brand can leverage our data for applications that span direct marketing, digital activation, brand media, and consumer experience. Many clients take advantage of our global services across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, resulting in countless success stories across some of the largest and most demanding marketing organisations.

Meet Merkle’s Data Valuation Lab—optimising data to deliver performance.

Data Valuation Lab is a scientifically proven and data-agnostic process that helps you build the highest quality, omni-channel segments available using these foundational principles:

How the Data Valuation Lab works

Data Valuation Lab value: predictive power, cost, accuracy, descriptive power, coverage

Get answers to these questions:

  • Do you have the right data for your marketing efforts?
  • Does your data have the coverage to meet your goals?
  • Is your data accurate enough to drive lean campaigns and effective ROI?
  • Are your data assets complete?
  • Does your data provide lift in a cost-effective way?
  • Does your data enable you to predict the best customers for your next offer?

This Service Supports:

Enterprise Technology Services

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