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Digital Data Services

Using data to understand audiences and bring people-based marketing to life

People-based marketing is personal, and it’s only effective if it’s relevant to the individual. Merkle’s DataSource™ solution enables a complete 360-degree view of consumers that informs marketing decisions. Campaigns can be won or lost the moment the audience is purchased, based on the quality, specificity, price, and reach of the data. DataSource is optimized for audience definition and profitability, with a connected approach across your campaigns – both online and offline.

We are data agnostic, which means we’re only focused on finding the absolute best sources for you – no data ownership means no hidden agenda. 

DataSource covers more than 129 million households, and 275 million individuals. It offers tailored solutions for B-to-C, B-to-B, and international, and it allows for a consistent data set for all of your cross-media and channel marketing campaigns, analytics, and digital needs.

  • Audience Activation: Merkle can help connect your offline customer file to online ad targeting. Leveraging our proprietary onboarding process, market strategy and analytics knowledge, we will match your offline records with online identifiers, converting your file into an addressable online audience that can be used for targeting in online media platforms.
  • Third-Party Segments: Merkle has taken the highest quality offline data attributes and translated them into high-performing online segments. We’ve pre-identified 500+ audiences and made them accessible in major audience platforms so you can start targeting the right audiences, right away.
  • Custom Segments: Merkle can help you reach specific customers or prospects at scale. Using your own first-party data, our third-party data, or a combination of both, we can create the target you are looking for.

DataSource contains over 2 billion records sourced from five of the six major national compilers in the industry. When viewing the breadth of Merkle’s data aggregation strategy against the other leading data suppliers across categories of data, it becomes clear that not all base files are created equally. Merkle’s DataSource file provides much richer content than other similar files in the industry. Our data agnostic, multi-sourced approach leads to greater density and coverage of individual marketing variables, as well as the best quality of data. Merkle also examines key attributes across a number of different sources to determine which data variables are most accurate. Only the most predictive and descriptive data are utilized within DataSource, which ensures the highest performance levels in marketing programs developed by Merkle and our clients.


Access DataSource segments across these platforms