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Data Processing & Customer Data Integration (CDI)

Reaching your ideal audience and knowing your customers requires data integration that matches them in every source

As a marketer, you know you need to bring many different data sources together and make them work for your business. Whether it’s creating a single view of your customers and prospects, feeding data to an analytics platform or providing audiences to an execution partner, a solid data quality and integration process is key to your success.

Merging a variety of disparate data sources together is our heritage.

We can help your brand integrate data sources and improve your data quality so that you can maximise the intelligence that leads to effective people-based marketing.

Merkle has a proven data integration methodology that includes the use of best-of-breed technology. We’ve innovated common data quality and data standardisation modules and developed them over many client implementations, and by solving the problems that often paralyse brands.

Our fourth-generation customer data integration (CDI) engine, Connected Recognition, is a platform for matching and consolidating your customer data. This is the foundation of people-based marketing — how you’ll identify and understand your audience to gain and retain customers.

Data integration tools

 Data integration layer tools:

  • Informatica
  • Talend 
  • Spark
  • Matillion

We use modern data technologies like Hadoop as well as traditional relational database tools such as SQL Server and Oracle.

Connected Recognition

Merkle's Connected Recognition platform is the workhorse of many of our client implementations. This component is used to cleanse and match your first-party customer data as well as to stitch digital identities to your customers, creating a consolidated graph of online and offline identities.

Connected Recognition is the conduit to inject addressability into every marketing strategy.

This Service Supports:

Technology Enablement