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Programmatic Media & Display

The programmatic era has torn down so many of the walls that stood between marketers’ insertion orders and their campaign performance reports

There are more automated media buying platforms today than ever before, and yet very few can provide the desired inventory scale and breadth of data integrations across all channels combined – social, video, mobile, and display.

As marketers continue to embrace platform-based audience buying, the need to leverage multiple platforms becomes an effort in managing efficiency. 

When it comes to selecting a buying technology, whether that be a pure play video, mobile or social platform or a full- scale, cross-channel demand-side platform, we help you determine which capabilities will provide the greatest impact to your marketing efforts in balance with the required investment of time and resources.

Further, we encourage you to have direct relationships with technology providers and often assist in facilitating them.

Questions like what made the campaign perform, what tools or tactics were used and what were the campaign’s net media and data costs can now be answered in the light of day.

Having direct access to the buying technology used, whether it be via your embedded Merkle account team or owning the licensing contract yourself provides you with full transparency into how data-driven marketing works today. 

This Service Supports:

Performance Media

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