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Product Listing Ads (PLAs) & Feed Management

The digital shopping marketplace is a real-time competition, and your brand needs to stay in the game at all times

The world of e-commerce is complex and rapidly evolving. You want to build an ideal campaign structure that maximises revenue efficiently and ensures an ideal shopping experience for your customers.

A comprehensive and fluid strategy means everything. From customised Google Shopping campaign targeting strategies for your product catalog to using your raw data feed to optimise, custom-format, and distribute your products to affiliates, display, and social shopping site partners.

How we partner with you

We bring proven expertise solving problems, testing, and achieving results for leading brands. Our approach applies a range of strategies to effectively manage Shopping campaigns, including query funneling, dynamic performance buckets, item level buildouts, and customer-focused targeting.

You benefit from our team collaboration in feed and Shopping campaign program management. Furthermore, we pair the product information we have in the feed with our paid search reporting to provide insightful merchandising analysis. This means that you get real-time intelligence about Shopping trends that you can apply to paid search and also to purchasing decisions and broader marketing initiatives.

Merkle spends three times what other agencies in the US spend with Google Shopping.

In addition, our investment levels in the channel are growing at a faster rate than our peer set average, according to Google’s Quarterly Business Reviews. This is because of our customer-focused specialists, comprehensive experience, and the sophisticated technology platforms we leverage to drive efficient returns.

Feed management

Merkle is an official member of the Google Shopping Preferred Partner program and is always current on the latest best practices governing the feed optimisation business. We are a Yahoo feed partner and Bing Shopping Preferred Partner — actively engaged with 50 IR Top 500 clients by delivering optimised feeds in support of over 100 leading retail brands.


Having a keen understanding of product catalogs and keyword strategies within feeds and search is essential to your digital strategy and success. As your partner, we also mine keyword data from PLAs to identify areas of opportunity and development. With strong search engine relationships, we further ease the burden on your internal teams, with solutions like an API connection built out with Amazon that helps streamline order fulfillment.

You need high-quality data to build optimised product listings within marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Sears. Going beyond product optimisations, many marketplace ad formats now also have elements of bidding, keyword targeting, and ad copy. 

Merkle uses its feed expertise to successfully manage and optimise 100+ active accounts. Through advanced strategies and proven experience, our team understands what fields in marketplace feeds are most important from both a customer experience and engine relevancy perspective.