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Search Engine Marketing (SEM & PPC)

In today’s digital marketing landscape, channels and platforms are only successful when you apply a technical understanding of products and feeds within search

Search engine marketing is a data-driven discipline that has a direct impact on your business. Empirical results, mixed with continual testing and re-testing of program elements is vital for continuous program growth.

Our team lives and breathes search data within the context of your business, changes in the marketplace, and evolution around customer demand and industry updates.

How we partner with you

With our heritage and backbone in data and technology, combined with expertise in complex paid search marketing strategies, we drive consistent success for global brands. You get direct access to the analysts, the data, and the reporting that fuels an evolving and congruent search program, with expertise in:

  • Industry leading PLA and Google Shopping
  • Ad Marketplace, Facebook, and Pinterest platforms
  • Proprietary Adaptive Portfolio Bidding® with custom KPI inputs, dayparting, geographic, demographic, product inventory, audience, supply and demand forecasting, and offline data integration
  • Custom analytics
  • Customer Match Uploader Google partner

This Service Supports:

Performance Media

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