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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

For hundreds of millions of people every day, the user experience begins at the search results.

Comprehensive, quality SEO creates a better user experience. With a focus on relevance, technical efficiency, and searcher behavior, you can help search engines deliver the right result, at the right time, to the right user.

When this is achieved, amazing things happen to the customer journey and the growth of your business.

The foundation of effective SEO is based on a combination of analytics-driven techniques and an unwavering focus on the user experience — resulting in precise audience visibility through search engines. Modern SEO overlaps with all of your digital output in display, social, creative, and content.

It's crucial to stay on top of the ever-changing algorithm and guideline updates, test their level of impact, and make the changes that will improve your results. 

Your partner for search


Our teams provide strategic direction by transforming your business goals and objectives into a clear project roadmap geared toward consistent growth. Our success comes from exclusively pursuing your objectives. That means driving great results for your brand through highly customised recommendations instead of solely providing general best practices.

Using custom-built tools, including TechnicalSEO.com, we create efficiencies for your business. These include custom scripts, tools, and APIs in site crawling, meta and page level analysis, competitive insights, mobile and international insights, and reporting functions.

In addition to our own tools, we also use industry-leading partner technologies, such as BrightEdge, in SEO competitive analysis and analytics.

We bring you leading solutions, whether provided by us or by a key industry partner.

As practitioners, we are constantly testing new initiatives, integrating digital marketing across channels, and utilising best-of- breed tools and technology. Our proprietary tool, SEO Scalpel™ crawls your site to provide detailed information about how search engines view a website.

Our approach to SEO is long-term; instead of “chasing” search engine algorithms, our teams focus on the strategic considerations necessary to deliver increasingly positive results.

That includes:

  • Rolling Technical Audit: Our comprehensive and data-driven approach begins with a deep dive technical audit of your site; The order of recommendations is based on ease of implementation, expected impact, and considers other elements such as IT development resources and web development schedules. 
  • Ongoing Consulting: Our services don’t stop when the audit has been delivered. Our goal is to support our clients through the ever-changing algorithm adjustments, search engine guidelines, and user experience requirements. We have some of the longest-tenured client relationships in the industry. 
  • Competitive Insights: We research market activity, trends, and competitive data to identify and capitalise on new opportunities. This includes an in-depth analysis of competitive backlink profiles, authority and trust metrics, visibility scores, customer intent signals, and ranking data for the most important keywords to your business.
  • Reporting and Analytics: All account teams are trained in the various analytics packages: Google Analytics, Omniture, CoreMetrics, BrightEdge, etc. This expertise is essential in tracking implementation results, creating reports, providing recommendations, and diagnosing traffic changes. Our team is also well-versed in other third-party tools and can incorporate important KPIs into our reports.
  • Content Strategy: We believe that content should be built for the user. Our team conducts a deep-dive audit into the keywords most closely related to the tasks the users are trying to accomplish. This research leads to actionable insights for the content development team.

Hear it from one of our clients:

“We had a fabulous day yesterday, it was a record-breaking Cyber Monday for us and Ecom had its highest demand day ever. It was also Ecom’s highest traffic and conversion day ever!  Of course, we could not have accomplished this without the wonderful team supporting us – you guys! Thanks to everyone in our Merkle team for helping us this past weekend and doing such a great job!”

Marketing Manager

Online Acquisition for Top Apparel Brand

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