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Social Media Marketing

Evolving strategies. Interwoven narratives. Publishing precision. Results 

Your brand shares mutual interests with its existing and target social media audiences, so you need to develop sharable and rewarding experiences about those interests motivating, cultivating, and emotionally connecting with audiences. It’s essential to take a full-funnel strategic approach – from generating meaningful consideration to integrating with customised experiences.

As your social media partner, we perform a forensic analysis of 12 months of cross-platform data to evaluate client and competitor audiences and the content they want to consume, when that content should be served, and at what frequency. This becomes your strategy tailored to specific objectives, charting the course for a strong social media presence.  

Thereafter, we conduct social listening to test and iterate the approach, benchmark owned media performance and measure earned media sentiment, analyse conversations with key terms, and identify changing topics, trends, or user behavior. This drives efficiency and advances proof of concept.

Social media marketing services perform best when they are well integrated across channels and focused on pushing the needle in digital marketing.

We collaborate with you from insights to execution for:

Paid Social

  • Acquisition ad creative/copy testing
  • Landing page testing
  • Remarketing pixels
  • Geo-site research
  • Affinity-based targeting taxonomies for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest Algorithm-identified top product

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

  • Content strategy
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Backlink intelligence
  • Network of connectors
  • Internal search
  • Shares from site
  • YouTube and Twitter SERP

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

  • Sitelink extensions to content
  • RLSAs for social audiences
  • Email
  • YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn landing pages
  • Monthly volume change
  • Top phrase PLAs

This Service Supports:

Performance Media

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