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Hosted & Managed Marketing Database Services

Your database, like a baby, requires an incredible amount of attention

Marketers across the globe spend far too much time, energy, and budget on assembling, maintaining, and troubleshooting their data repositories. While modern marketing software and marketing cloud platforms offer the promise of advanced marketing capabilities, the adage still applies – garbage in, garbage out.

Brands have come to understand that a marketing data hub is needed to enable the full scope required for true people-based marketing.

We design, build, deploy, and manage integrated marketing databases to enable you to focus on the business of marketing. Building and hosting these invaluable assets is a core competency of Merkle’s – one that we have continually expanded and refined throughout over 25 years in the business.

About our hosted and managed databases

Leveraging our data integration service, we build the data foundation required to unleash the power of today’s and tomorrow’s modern martech tools.

Merkle offers a flexible suite of secure hosting options: We deploy your data solution in your data center, in one of Merkle’s state-of-the-art data centers, or with one of the leading public cloud providers.

Cloud solutions

Merkle has invested heavily in its public cloud solution architectures. We believe that the true value of the cloud lies, not in virtual machines, but in their elastic and scalable platform services. 

As such, our cloud solutions leverage the high-end cloud platform capabilities such as Google’s BigQuery, Microsoft’s Azure Data Warehouse, Amazon’s Redshift as well as Snowflake DB. 

We manage these cloud-based data solutions or transition them over back to you to manage in-house.

This flexibility gives you the best of both worlds – the ability to leverage our expertise in designing and deploying data solutions without the vendor lock-in typically associated with a hosted solution.

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