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Media Strategy & Planning

You need a solid framework to execute addressable advertising in today’s new media landscape.

How are you navigating media planning now that there’s a whole new scene? What about addressable advertising and the ability to reach people directly through platforms and publishers? With so much possibility abound, there’s even more need for a comprehensive media strategy to deliver measurable and successful outcomes. Now there's more at stake, and so there's increased value in digital consulting services that optimise and develop addressable audience communication plans.

Define. Design. Deliver.

We apply a 3D communication planning process designed to provide a deep understanding of your brand and competition, your audiences, content, and digital capabilities. It spans across the customer journey and is grounded in data and the insight that informs messaging and creative performance.

As your partner, we deliver strategic communication plans that serve as the foundation for media teams to develop campaigns, and for creative teams to understand the communication architecture and align messaging to the different channels and stages in the funnel.

How we work with you

  • Digital Strategy: Delivers digital enablement plans and priorities that reflect your business objectives, market opportunities, resource constraints, competitive threats, and opportunities for innovation
  • Communication Planning: Defines your audiences, insights, and the data that will inform targeting, messaging, call-to-action, and the media choices that lead to efficient and effective conversion
  • M1 Activation Plan: Provides the overall architecture and business case for first-party data activation and a plan for testing and subscribing to M1 services

This Service Supports:

Performance Media

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