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Merkle Wallet


Credit card transaction data analytics combined with DataSource to create transformative business insights linked directly to media execution.



What Merkle Wallet Means For Your Business

Improve your business efficiency and operational strategies
Unique insights on consumer spend online/in store across your own and competitor’s brand

Increased marketing ROI
Link between business and audience strategies devised using consumer behaviour to create targeted models to drive an increased media return

Optimised Customer Management
Differentiated consumer experiences or offer strategies using share of Wallet and spend

Effective budget spend
Research, data and media activation as a joined-up, efficient budget spend

Product Information

Merkle Wallet is comprised with an unrivalled number of datapoints around credit card transaction data in the UK, anonymised and fused with DataSource. This creates an extensive dataset that can be customised for clients to provide powerful business insights, tracking reporting
and media targeting models.


Merkle Wallet is the UK’s most comprehensive set of UK consumer spending data, based on extensive credit card data analytics. It enables businesses to understand detailed consumer spend patterns (average transaction value, frequency, seasonality) across online and stores – both your brand and your key competitors. Brands can also find out more about other consumer spending behaviours, for example, with other non-competing sectors or travel spend.



What We Do

Granular transaction behaviour combined with DataSource

Provide game-changing business, operational and marketing insights

Wallet tracking reporting to measure the impact of business strategies

Brand specific (or use pre-built models) media targeting in M1

Share of Wallet or consumer behaviour models for CRM and analytics combined with DataSource

Read our Merkle Wallet Thought Leadership Paper

Many retailers are currently facing important challenges around data. You may have a large amount of insight on customer behaviour through interactions with your brand, but this myopic view does not allow you to understand the broader competitive landscape. How is your brand going to form actionable strategies to gain market share?

You're not alone. In our paper, we show you how to:

  • Leverage transactional data to form impactful business and marketing strategies
  • Gain incremental spend from competitors
  • Unify business strategy with consumer insight and action this through omni-channel, marketing and customer experience

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