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Our Approach to Training

Our Method

At Merkle our focus is on constant learning and innovation based on using the available technology. That explains why we’ve won so many industry awards. The training initiative was developed to share our insight and knowledge with others, providing brands with the tools to create their own digital transformation.

Our Trainers

The people that win our awards will train you directly. These are experienced professionals running accounts with a high degree of success. Every day they’re in the platforms, and have real stories and cutting-edge knowledge to share. They’re also very passionate about data, and love nothing more than a good old debate around feature benefits.

We invest in our people, and our trainers are no different. That’s because motivated and driven people provide the basis for rewarding and profitable training sessions. They’ve all been put through their paces on a thorough training development plan that covers the principles of delivering methods, learning styles, and adult learning.

Our Programme

There’s no set template when it comes to training a team. Our approach involves first understanding your business needs to inform the best solution and then creating a tailored programme from the variety of courses and modules at our disposal. This involves initial scoping, with optional extras including auditing, onboarding and strategic support. There’s more information available about our training categories and please get in touch if you’re interested in developing a bespoke programme. And we’re flexible about where the training takes place – we’d be delighted to come over to your offices to conduct the training, or you’re more than welcome to come through our doors.

Our price structure is based on the number of modules chosen, course participants, additional extras needed (auditing, onboarding, strategic consultancy), and on travel and accommodation for our trainers if needed.

Our Goals

We want your people to emerge from the training with a fresh excitement for the potential that digital provides for their business, and an attitude of being ready to sign off on real change. That’s why our sessions focus so heavily on making a behavioural shift through active participation and questioning.

And that’s not where the learning ends. The digital world is so fast-moving and, in our business, we are required to continually adapt to stay ahead of trends. We want your brand to be infused with this spirit after the training too, so take a look at our additional services aimed at developing your digital maturity or providing a training roadmap to update skills.


    Analytics Training

    Whatever the tool, our focus is on making sure your team leaves our training with the clear knowledge of how to analyse the performance of their digital content or marketing.

    View our Analytics training programme 

    Attribution Training

    Attribution has proved to be an area of especially rapid change over recent years. Learn more about our attribution training programmes and how they will improve your business decision-making.

    View our Attribution training programme

    Audiences/DMP Training

    Making a decision about a DMP is rarely an easy one. We provide customised training in making the call on whether to buy a DMP, choosing the most appropriate, getting it up and running, and then squeezing the maximum from it.

    View our Audiences/DMP training programme

    Creative Training

    Increasingly, clients want to in-house their creative (or just want some insight on the process), and we’re here to provide support whatever your company’s scale or complexity.

    View our Creative training programme

    CRO Training

    We provide training from our experts in CRO, helping to convert existing visitors into customers. Training covers subjects that include data-driven optimisation methodologies, through to consultancy on hiring the right people, building the best teams, and process, technology and mindset for a successful programme.

    View our CRO training programme

    Paid Search Training

    Our Paid Search training will provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently design, create and manage successful campaigns and to realise the value of this key channel.

    View our Paid Search training programme

    Paid Social Training

    Our training focuses on a whole range of areas of Paid Social, from campaign planning right through to measurement and optimisation. You can access available modules on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more.

    View our Paid Social training programme

    Programmatic Training

    We’ve created a whole range of practical training to assist you across the fastest growing field in digital. Learn how to deliver successful display, video, and audio activity.

    View our Programmatic training programme

    Scripts Training

    Our tailored programme will assist your trainees in realising the strong possibilities of Google Ads Scripts to maximise efficiency and innovation within campaigns.

    View our Scripts training programme

    SEO Training

    There’s a refined series of sessions available, each delivered by SEO experts. Our training will help you to approach SEO in the way that works best for your organisation, and provide support in helping you to gather exceptional results.

    View our SEO training programme

    Building an effective marketing team

    Building and maintaining agile employees, equipping them with the skills necessary to achieve, and creating an environment of continuous learning is the first challenge that any marketing manager should work to overcome. Read our whitepaper and explore:

    • The opportunities for finding and retaining top marketing talent
    • The importance of creating a culture of learning in your team
    • The considerations for finding a training programme that suits your business needs

    Download the whitepaper

    Ready to learn more?