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Personalised Marketing Strategy & Decision Orchestration

Your goal as a marketer is to deliver personal and contextual experiences at every point in the customer journey.

Connect the moments that make a journey: from generating engagement to acquisition to loyalty. A thorough strategy is critical to optimising the entire customer experience in real-time via a deep understanding of technology, data, and the intelligent decisioning that informs each moment.

Connecting decisive moments

To master personalisation, your brand must deploy a decision orchestration solution that aligns your business objectives to a qualitative ROI. Merkle brings a proven and clearly defined approach to developing and deploying a testing and optimisation program that ensures timely execution with optimal results.

Every test provides valuable insight into how customers are engaging with your company —  an essential part in the execution and management of any automated predictive decision engine. Machine learning is essential in delivering optimised real-time personal customer experiences, while artificial intelligence (AI) is key in delivering one-to-one personal customer experiences.

The requirements and complexities of running an AI program are where Merkle comes in. We partner with you to ensure an alignment exists between optimisation and your business objectives. We help you define your decision orchestration program with incremental conversions and a well-conceived customer journey. 

From predictive, to prescriptive, and then cognitive, decisioning requires a depth of knowledge in data and model management.

Our decision testing and decision engine services

  • Real-time testing with quantitative analysis that ensures optimal experience throughout the entire journey 
  • Defined, algorithmic approach that optimises marketing channels and media  
  • Implementation and optimisation through machine learning and management of the customer experience 

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