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Tealium DV 2020: join the DATA-Lution

As usual, in summer Tealium held its annual event in Europe. In a year as particular as this one, Tealium has also been affected by COVID-19 and has changed the traditional presencial format for a virtual meetup: Digital Virtualocity. Once again, we were there to show you the most relevant issues: 

The Power of DATA and personalization

The common topic of the event and the vast majority of the presentations focused on the importance of the user experience and its personalization, depending on the available data. Emphasizing the importance of collecting first-party data and using a CDP to facilitate its activation.

In addition, the consequences of the pandemic on the motivations and feelings of users when interacting with brands were analyzed, and how important it is to understand these changes to provide experiences that meet these new needs. 

Digital Virutalocity


Además de un repaso de las últimas novedades presentadas por la compañía y futuros updates, uno de los temas recurrentes fue cómo el dato de primera parte, en este caso potenciado con un CDP, y las diferentes leyes de privacidad se entrelazan y cómo la suite de Tealium nos puede ayudar en todos los puntos de esta complicada relación con las diferentes funcionalidades de sus herramientas.

La importancia de esto quedaba patente en la sesión Driving personalization in the Age of privacy with a CDP impartida por Julián Llorente, Data Privacy Product Director de Tealium, en la que además de hacer un recap de los últimos cambios en leyes regulatorias en diferentes lugares, se centraba en los tres diferentes pasos para conseguir una óptima estrategia de personalización que se adapte completamente a todas estas regulaciones.

This issue was highlighted during the Driving personalization in the Age of privacy with a CDP session  by Julián Llorente, Data Privacy Product Director of Tealium, in which, in addition to making a recap of the latest changes in regulatory laws in different places, he focused on the three different steps to achieve an optimal customization strategy that fully adapts to all these regulations.

Digital Virtualocity

The event, shorter than the previous years, ended with an interesting interview / keynote with Joe Stanhope, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester. This session analyzed the overall technological landscape including user trends, martech ecosystem and how it could evolve in the future taking into account the change in trends caused by COVID-19 and always under the same common topic as the rest of the event: the importance of personalized experiences.



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