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Contact Centre

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Your customers expect to have an open line of communication to you. Merkle Response’s full-service call center allows you to outsource that demand while maintaining full control over the quality, tone, and content of all communications, whether it’s providing inbound telemarketing services over the phone with a live operator or through e-mail customer service.

We go to great lengths to understand the personality and sensitivities of your customer and donor base, and ensure that we provide them with a seamless experience with every point of contact - we essentially serve as your customer and donor relations department.

We match the best-suited members of our call center team to your organisation—even taking into account their individual communication style and personality to ensure that they reflect your organisation’s message and tone. Plus, you have the opportunity to meet and train your Merkle Response team in person to acquaint them with your organisation and its procedures.

We offer:

  • Your own phone number(s) with customised greetings in the name of your organisation
  • Ability to interface via web access with your database for look-ups and to record call activity
  • Recording of 100% of customer service calls and storing them for 90 days
  • Ability for clients to dial-in and listen to calls independently at any time along with joint monitoring sessions.
  • Spanish-speaking agents
  • Warm transfers to client offices when required
  • System redundancy to avert downtime of phones
  • Comprehensive reporting on total volumes, average talk time, call and e-mail activity by type, and service level performance

Contact us today and learn how we can help you serve your customers and enhance their lifetime value to your organisation.

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