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Customer Loyalty Marketing

Brands compete for customers in a crowded, hyper-digital environment that relies on rapid change and infinite choices. So how do you develop and implement a program that rewards your customers for staying with you? How do you then use that program to drive expanded and repeat business?

"Merkle Loyalty Solutions’ investments focus on better integrating capabilities in addressable media and CRM, enhancing platform security, and improving the platform’s ability to support advanced analytics, personalisation, and global programs." -Forrester Loyalty Wave

The customer loyalty ecosystem

Technology platform: LoyaltyPlus™

LoyaltyPlus™ is our cloud-based lifecycle marketing suite that drives customer identification, engagement, and retention for major brands. This SaaS loyalty platform enables you to design, deploy, and optimise omni-channel loyalty solutions uniquely tailored to your program opportunity.

LoyaltyPlus™ offers actionable reporting across multiple dimensions, delivering real-time transactional and engagement metrics to allow you to maximise your loyalty ROI. With a single, comprehensive view of all customer interactions across channels, you’re able to track customer behavior, develop multi-dimensional lifecycle marketing integrated across services and solutions, and deliver upon a truly addressable omni-channel experience.

Platform integration and implementation

LoyaltyPlus™ integrates with numerous systems via API, Bulk API, or SFTP-based data feeds including: e-commerce, mobile, point of sale, call center, email service provider, data warehouse, CRM, ERP, social sign-on, ratings & reviews, and more.

We follow a detailed methodology to mapping your systems and integration points and work in partnership with your IT team and other third-party vendors to architect a seamless loyalty system built with a future vision for program enhancement and brand extension.

Strategic consulting

Whether you are designing a new loyalty program, embarking on a program refresh, or auditing the performance of a current program, we help you identify your loyalty opportunities and provide guidance and recommendations for an on-brand approach to incorporating loyalty marketing into your overall business model.

From engagement strategies to rewards catalog development, comprehensive financial modeling and scenario analyses, and technology integration requirements, we leverage our category expertise to ensure you develop and execute a world-class loyalty program.

Advanced analytics

Every decision, from strategic direction to creative messaging is informed by a statistical understanding of the customer.

You need a 360°-view of customers to create the actionable drivers of desired customer behaviors that are tracked and improved as needed to ensure program optimisation.



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