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DataSource: The most comprehensive source of consumer identity and insight in the UK.
People based, all channel, market agnostic data from Merkle.



Product information



Considering that consumer touchpoints with brands are now transcending digital and physical, marketeers wishing to maintain a competitive edge must be able to seamlessly manage, activate and measure consumer relationships across all touchpoints. 

Consumer behaviour, technology and the imperative to work in a privacy compliant manner does not make this an easy task for brands wishing to deliver this sort of experience to consumers. 

Merkle have taken a people based, all channel and market agnostic approach to building DataSource… but what does that mean?

We created partnerships combining the best offline and online datasets (then added more) to create one identity graph, overlaid with the most recent consumer profiling available in the UK. We built on this by partnering with leading branded datasets within our marketplace, using persistent ID technology to consistently recognise individual customers across online and offline touchpoints. Therefore, enabling us to completely customise our offering to meet your brand’s requirements. 

The value of this data can be unlocked through all-channel marketing use cases and addresses pressing business challenges for brands.  

DataSource is provided by Merkle. This means we can offer support with our leading campaign management, analytics and consulting skills to deliver business outcomes – not just a product.

The whole process is underpinned by ensuring our own compliance with privacy legislation. At Merkle, we take our responsibilities as a data controller of DataSource very seriously. More on this can be found here.


Who we are


51 M
consumers across 26 Million Addresses
40 M+
emails and 15 Million cookies linked to digital activation and personalisation platforms
200 +
planning and activation variables
marketplace partnerships and growing to customise to your business need

Business application

Customer and product portfolio analysis


Using DataSource in combination with your customer data and research to create directly actionable customer management, acquisition and product strategies.

All channel prospecting


  • Create target audience segments using DataSource and partner variables for activation across email, direct mail, digital and social channels
  • Using Merkle’s cross channel persistent ID for people based cross channel measurement

Customer analytics, profiling and segmentation


  • Multi-sourced variables provide greater accuracy than traditional marketing datasets
  • Can be accessed using Merkle’s self-service analytics environment or appended across all customer marketing channels (CRM, DMP and DSP)

Cross channel customer and prospect identity


  • Using Merkle’s persistent consumer ID to recognise more customers on your websites and personalise experiences using CRM data
  • Able to recognise prospect onsite as real people and enable personalisation and cross channel measurement

Use cases


  • Customer contactable audience volumes have been reduced due to lack of post GDPR opt in
  • DataSource can help you fill this revenue gap, either with more targeted prospects or the ability to contact that consumer group with specific offers through compliant channels
DataSource can offer targeting of precise target audiences derived from profile or customer analytics to be activated across below the line, digital and social channels
  • Consumers receive different marketing online and via direct channels
  • Consumers are receiving generic/less targeted messages in digital/addressable channels than the insight a business has on them
  • Customer going onto the brands website are not recognised limiting reach of consumer personalisation
  • DataSource’s online and offline consumer recognition can help you recognise more of your customers before they log in and support customer personalisation and offer management
  • Using people based data additional insights can be provided on “unknown” prospects to understand their potential value to a brand, support more accurate personalisation/offers and targeted follow up marketing
  • A single brand will struggle to capture complete, accurate and relevant data about a consumer and maintain it over time Whether this is to maintain contactablity or key insights to support analytics, personalisation or offer targeting
  • DataSource can infill key insights into online or offline customer data to enable an enriched view of consumers and then maximise the cross channel opportunities to recognise the customer or activate marketing or media


DataSource Marketplace Partnerships


Merkle have created branded data partnerships with trusted vendors to enable brands
to customise DataSource to meet their specific marketing or analytical needs.


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