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Performance Email Marketing

Improve Email Marketing with Performance Email

Email remains a strategic channel, often at the heart of a company’s CRM program giving them the ability to communicate with customers at scale.  It presents a significant opportunity for organisations to deliver highly-personalised customer experiences, but many organisations are failing to realise the full potential of the email marketing channel.  Why, because it is a challenging channel to execute in because it requires you to integrate technology, centralise data, keep pace with evolving compliance, and deliverability concerns.  Satisfying the basic requirements of the channel can be all consuming, preventing the marketer from spending enough time thinking about the needs of their customer.

To help brands maximise the potential of their email marketing programme, Merkle has launched Performance Email. Through our deep understanding of CRM, data, creative and marketing technology our goal is to help you to increase levels of campaign and content automation, simplify and increase the efficiency of manual processes and utilise your resourses and budget more effectively.

Our Three Stages

Enablement – Email / Campaign Management, technology & automation

  • Technology configuration assessment against current and future email/CRM programs
  • Automation across campaign, journeys, content, and insight
  • Simplified campaign production, testing and execution via the Merkle Email
  • Consultation on emerging technologies that support the evolution of email/ CRM programs
  • People enablement and training to support client team in realising their email/CRM goals

Performance email design/development

  • Email best practice and performance audits against Merkle’s proprietary rulesets
  • Email Journey planning and development
  • Design and HTML development of performance email templates
  • Email HTML optimisation for mobile first approach with device and deliverability compatibility built in
  • Development of a modular template based approach for email to allow increase speed, accuracy and control in the production process

Managed service – Email / Campaign Management and execution

  • End to end email campaign management and execution as a retained service
  • Overflow resource to take the strain during peaks in activity or to accelerate the roll out of new campaigns and journeys
  • Platform and user support as a managed service


We can reduce operating costs and increase capacity. We are the experts in improving email marketing performance at a tactical and programme level.

Our Team Advantage

  • Over 300 people focused on email marketing services across all disciplines
  • The only company that has the skills and certifications to implement Eloqua, SFMC, Responsys, and Adobe Campaign
  • The largest SFMC campaign execution capability outside of Salesforce
  • Our own deliverability team to proactively monitor deliverability using best-in-class tools
  • Solid experience deploying three billion emails annually through resell arrangements



This Service Supports:

Customer Relationship Management


  • Customer Strategy
  • Performance Media
  • Customer Experience
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Technology
  • Training Programmes
  • CRM & Loyalty

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