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Marketing Systems Integration

The biggest challenge in marketing technology today is achieving integration harmony

In today’s omni-channel environment, marketers rely on an increasingly complex set of platforms and technologies to achieve their business goals. Integrate these tools effectively so you can operate collaboratively.

Brands need to create a consistent experience for consumers at the speed of digital, regardless of the channel. Therefore, all channels and technologies must be able to drive the customer experience based on a common understanding of that individual. Today’s marketing systems integration is challenging due to the rapid change and complexities of new and evolving platforms, ensuring the need for future planning.

Merkle's solutions integrate with a variety of marketing cloud platforms, DMPs, ESPs, and marketing automation tools, so we have developed standard integrations and models to support the data ingestion, storage, and distribution that relates to them.

Integrated marketing technology solutions are the key to collecting intelligence around customers and executing holistic marketing programs.

Our philosophy

Merkle’s systems integration services focus on bringing to life business use cases – by understanding the requirements and driving the technical integration between systems in the martech and adtech ecosystem.

The workflow of marketing systems integration

System integration requirements and enablement

We give you recommendations that outline the key systems, interfaces, and data processes that are required to realise your future-state vision and capabilities.

By capturing the details related to the data management and data integration between systems within the architecture, we then define data flows between systems, platforms, and databases.

From consuming APIs to pass data back and forth to configuring applications to leverage external data, the workflow and processes matter so that all systems and teams are operating optimally. Merkle brings proven experience in planning, designing and implementing integrations to create a cohesive marketing technology stack.


  • Customer Strategy
  • Performance Media
  • Customer Experience
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Technology
  • Training Programmes
  • CRM & Loyalty

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