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Moving your data and analytics to the cloud

Is your marketing solution too cumbersome to manage? Is the infrastructure nearing the end of its life? Are you bogged down by the time and effort required to generate basic customer insights to drive marketing campaigns? 

Managing data today is tough. With shrinking IT budgets, uber-complex use cases, a remote workforce, ever-evolving technology, and growing competition. Today’s marketers, data analysts, and IT architects really have their work cut out for them. 

Ready to move your data to the cloud?

Merkle and Google have partnered together to address these challenges by building next-generation marketing data management solutions on Google Cloud Platform. Following are a few upcoming joint events designed to explore the benefits of Google Cloud, as well as a few Merkle services offerings to get you up and running in the Cloud:

On-Demand Webinar:


The challenges of today's data managers

The Marketer

The Marketer: Driving the marketing strategy, optimizing marketing spend, enhancing customer experience

The Data Analyst

The Data Analyst: Timely data access, generating accurate insights to inform the business, lack of necessary analytical tools

The IT Architect

The IT Architect: Access to hardware and software necessary to build next-generation data management environments

Data management in the cloud has big benefits and provides tremendous value:
The benefits of putting your data in the cloud

Getting Started Packages

Cloud Revamp - Merkle's cloud migration offering

Cloud Revamp

Merkle’s cloud migration offering to modernize your marketing solutions.

Merkle's proof of concept program for the Google Cloud

Cloud Breadboard

Merkle’s proof of concept program designed to help you touch the cloud and experience big data technologies.

Merkle's fully customized hands-on workshop in your office

Customized Hands-on workshop

One day hands-on workshop at your office designed to help your entire team learn how to rapidly build marketing solutions in the cloud.

A deep-dive roadmap planning and strategy session with Merkle

Whiteboard Session

A deep-dive roadmap planning and strategy session with our cloud consultants to design and roadmap your next-gen marketing cloud environment.

Ready to learn more?

Merkle and the Cloud

Finding the right implementation and service partner is crucial to your sustainable success—here’s what Merkle has to offer:


Google Partnership with Merkle

Merkle is a global partner of Google Cloud Platform

100+ implementation professionals

100+ cloud and big data professionals across the globe with competencies in solution design, delivery, and managed services.

400+ successful implementations of marketing solutions

400+ successful implementations of marketing solutions.

Expert architects, data scientists, analysts, developers, and project managers

Expert architects, data scientists, analysts, developers, and project managers.