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2014 Financial Services & Insurance Exchange Presentations

Download the presentation decks from the 2014 Financial Services & Insurance Executive CRM Exchange, hosted at the Wequassett Resort & Golf Club, Cape Cod, from September 10-11. 

Opening Session: The 3 C's of The Addressable Customer Experience

Presented by: John Lee, EVP, Insurance and Wealth Management, Merkle, and Craig Dempster, EVP and Digital Agency Group Leader, Merkle

Over the last 10-15 years the disciplines of customer experience and addressable, performance marketing have progressed in parallel with brand and performance marketers separated by seemingly different goals and cultures. Now, as consumers are increasingly demanding brand experiences that contain content that are rich, socially connected, and highly personalized, these two worlds are now colliding. The next generation marketer will derive competitive advantage through the delivery of differentiated customer experiences through addressable platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, 1st party mobile applications, and offline channels in new and unexpected ways. This opening session will provide Merkle’s perspective on redefining the customer experience. The presentation will discuss how leading marketers are creating competitive advantage through the "3 C’s" of addressable experience: Context, Content, and Connectivity.

Module 1: Getting to the How of Addressable Experience — Audience Insights and Strategy

Presented by: Matt Naeger, EVP, Digital Strategy, Merkle, and Leah Van Zelm, Principal Consultant, Merkle

The focus of Day 2 will be to explore how leading marketers are really doing this through the lens of a three step process which includes 1) Audience Insights and Strategy, 2) Addressable Experience Planning, and 3) Experience Optimization. To get started we will explore the approach leading marketers are taking to bring together consumer research and data to develop clear insights into the needs, wants, and attributes of the target consumer that are actionable at an addressable level. We will then demonstrate how these insights connect directly to a consumer journey vision and strategy that aligns the organization around a differentiated experience.

Module 2: Addressable Audience Planning and Optimization

Presented by: Peter Vandre, VP, Digital Analytics, Merkle, and Kevin Walsh, VP, Experience Design, Merkle

In this session, we will explore how leading marketers translate Audience Insights and Strategy into actionable, audience-based planning that enables longitudinal alignment of consumer touch-points across all media, channels and devices. We will then explore how to set up a data and technology framework that will enable on-going, rapid (and real-time) optimization of that plan that allows for an integrated view of the marketing funnel and consumer journey.

Module 3: Overcoming the Organizational Challenge

Presented by: Leah Van Zelm, Principal Consultant, Merkle

Traditional organizational models create incentives and functional silos that make delivery of a seamless experience extremely challenging. This is true within the marketing department but is made even more complex by the need to integrate across products and other departments – especially IT. This session will introduce a framework for how companies should consider organizing into 1 of 4 core models based on their industry, business strategy, and culture. Examples of major institutions that fit into each of these models will be shared along with the pros/cons of these approaches. Special attention will be paid to the changing dynamic between the chief customer officer and the CIO.