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Serving Interactive Audio Ads on Gaana app for Swiggy drives substantial engagement!

Swiggy is India's largest and highest-valued online food ordering and delivery platform founded in 2014. Swiggy is operational in 500+ Indian cities.

This campaign was aimed at promoting Swiggy's New Year Party offers and making users aware of discounts across the app during the festive period.


The primary goal of this campaign was to utilize new types of inventory to reach out to new users and drive engagement.

Interactive voice ads are an ad type that is bleeding edge ad delivery technology and isn't something that's commonly used by advertisers worldwide.

The expected outcome of these unique new campaigns was to drive higher engagement as compared to the traditional ad formats.



We served ads on the Gaana app that featured a female artist mentioning that a user can talk to the ad. After initiating the conversation and asking the user if he/she's interested, the ad then listens to the voice of the user and responds accordingly.

If the user responds positively, like "Yes" or "Tell me more", the ad then responds accordingly and opens the Swiggy app for the user, directly taking him to the final offer page from where orders can be placed. 

If the user responds negatively, like "Not now" or "Remind me later", the user is then retargeted with a second sequence of voice ads.


The ad type used is audio. The subsequent sequences of the ad were delivered basis vocal responses received by the end-user. The ad used the microphone permissions granted to the Gaana app, to listen to user commands and respond to each type of answer with contextual and pinpoint precision.

This intelligent ad format also auto-negated users who responded with a strong "No" and didn't retarget them via any future voice ad sequences.

“Gaana brings in great reach within our target audience. While we reach out to them in the unique consumption environment of Music streaming, it's imperative that the creative format is built keeping the context in mind. Voice response Ads address this in a holistic manner, seeking audience inputs before sharing the detailed communication with them.”

Umesh Krishna K.

Director - Marketing, Swiggy



Engaged users of the voice ad replied positively and Redirected to the app page


Retargeted users engaged with the voice ad (Gave vocal responses)


In-App Sessions were driven from Voice Activated Campaigns

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