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Attribution & Customer Journey Analytics

Measurement is a core marketing discipline that is often overlooked

However, measurement is crucial at all stages of the marketing funnel – from understanding what drives brand awareness and quantifying the impacts of brand visibility, to optimizing customer contact strategies and digital targeting opportunities.

As a marketer, the decisions you need to make are reliant on the insight you gain. Acquiring a deep understanding of the timing and frequency of customer interactions as well as the channels and data corresponding to them is how you attribute value. We partner with you to craft the right measurement and attribution solution to fit your business rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all approach. Our custom solutions are based on our connected attribution framework — an integrated approach for cross-channel attribution at scale. 

Without a robust measurement strategy, the time and money spent on the creation of the best looking dashboards and reports are wasted.


How we partner with you

Connected Attribution

Our Connected Attribution framework methodology delivers an integrated, holistic, application of multiple event streams for attribution modeling. These event streams are created across many dimensions, all of which detail the historical marketing touchpoints of your customers and prospects. We focus on integrating both online and offline promotional activities and conversions to provide for full revenue attribution. All the underlying analytical methods are fractional in nature and come together via a sophisticated calibration algorithm. The result for you is an attribution tool that serves as a single source of truth — allowing for backward and forward-looking views into performance of marketing investments.

Consulting services

Maybe you don’t even know where to get started. Or you already have multiple measurement solutions in place but want to figure out how to integrate them. You want to build a measurement capability in-house but need help doing that. Or you have an attribution solution but need help understanding how to get the most value out of it.

All of these challenges include organizational readiness, data availability and quality, technology platform, and analytics. A readiness assessment and roadmap will detail the existing assets and gaps and then map out the steps required for successful implementation.

Project-based services

  • Media mix models:  Attribution models designed to measure all online and offline media across the mix and provide strategic insights and opportunities for reinvestment. 
  • Digital attribution models: Attribution models designed to provide tactical performance estimates within digital media at a very granular level. Useful for measuring the relative performance of campaigns keywords within each media tactic and limited use for cross-media allocation decisions.

We focus on operational measurement platforms that take attribution solutions from a single, point-in-time project to a repeatable, automated, process. Our KPI framework incorporates objectives, context, current metrics and anticipated capabilities to complete the end-to-end view.

This Service Supports:

Predictive Audience Analytics