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You need first- and third-party data to better create, target, and measure your B2B experiences and to drive increased engagement, improved marketing ROI, and higher customer value.

B-to-B marketers face unprecedented challenges. Today’s B-to-B customer buying experience is fast, digital, and unstructured, with organizations struggling to keep pace. As an enterprise, you are expected to offer a seamless, connected customer journey that delivers highly personalized, real-time experiences fueled by rich data.

Merkle helps brands deliver precise experiences through orchestration and activation at any stage in the customer journey. Our heritage in data, technology, and analytics drives our ability to offer an intelligent and rapid solution to enable profitable, business marketing decisions

Why us?

  • We understand the role of all the multiple stakeholders in the B-to-B buying process and the intricate connections between people and their organizations.
  • We understand the complex buying journey and the critical influence of key stakeholders along the way.
  • Only Merkle has the deep data expertise, the technology integration prowess, and a unique breadth of capabilities to lead people-based marketing in the B-to-B arena.
  • Our omni-channel, industry-focused approach, at massive scale, allows us to meet the demands of today’s enterprise customers.

Clients we serve

  • Tektronix
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Comcast
  • MetLife
  • Paypal
  • Visa

Our Team of Experts

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