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Video Message from Karen Pierce

[video_resize width="100" padding="53" url="https://merkleinc.wistia.com/medias/7skzkc0bon"][/video_resize]

As the video explains, we’re excited by the innovation that your organization brings to the financial services marketplace. And your aggressive customer acquisition goals leave no time for unqualified leads. So it stands to reason that one of your most important objectives as a marketer is to target your ideal prospects and customers with messages that make them take action.

Merkle is a world-class performance marketing agency with deep expertise in the financial services space. We are poised to guide you through this challenge, with the data, analytic, creative, and technology capabilities to help you deliver exceptional customer experiences. Your goals are our goals for you – increased ROI, improved lifetime value, and ultimately, competitive advantage.

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Citizens Bank Case Study: Expanding and Optimizing Reach in the Digital Age—Retooling for Growth

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