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Media & Entertainment

Fully understand and embrace direct relationships with your audiences.

Over the past several years, the media industry has gone through some dramatic and disruptive changes.

The fragmentation of media, increase in distribution platforms, introduction of social networks and mobile preferences, and programmatic ad buying and sales have increased the need for publishers to connect with audiences and provide unique experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

Let us help you be successful in the following ways:

  • Integrate online and offline data to influence advertising sales
  • Establish an online ecosystem involving search, display, mobile, and social interactions to increase tune-in – customer and subscriber impressions
  • Develop and execute multi-channel campaigns
  • Implement cutting-edge technology solutions to connect customer online and offline data and insight modules
  • Address customers at a scalable level through analytics and segmentation

Driving Tune-In

Traditional TV show promotions are no longer enough to drive tune-in. Our CRM targeting approach and relationship with set-top box data providers enables you to:

  • Identify and target customers by connecting online and offline CRM data.
  • Execute and measure digital campaigns to the right audience and drive tune-in.
  • Integrate marketing activities in your CRM database for future campaigns.

Subscription Strategy

Identifying customers on a one-to-one basis can be challenging. However, the right technology enables publisher companies to be successful in the following areas:

  • Drive to digital subscription
  • Delivering personalized experiences and content to increase engagement
  • Merge known existing subscribers with anonymous readers
  • Optimize advertising sales

Optimizing Advertising Sales

Limited viewer and reader profile data makes it difficult to monetize and optimize ad space. However, understanding and identifying customers across channels enables media companies to realize greater ad revenue in the following ways:

  • Increase the attractiveness and value of ad space
  • Create new ad space and establish premiums rates
  • Attract viewers in a rapidly changing content distribution model
  • Effectively run promotions to increase tune-in, visitors, and readers

Clients we serve

  • TIME
  • Tapad
  • Sony
  • Hallmark Data Systems
  • Target Media Network
  • Angie's List
  • Vindico
  • Helix Education
  • MediaCrossing
  • DirecTV
  • AOL
  • Universal
  • Videology
  • Specific Media
  • Google
  • Universal Orlando
  • Microsoft
  • AT&T AdWorks 1
  • Newscorp - Media Page
  • Hearst Corporation
  • MSN
  • Pandora - Media Page

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