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Merkle’s Specialty Retail team delivers full service CRM agency services that enable our clients to measurably improve their marketing results.  Our connected CRM platform is applied through the lens of our experienced specialty retail team to solve a host of issues including declining customer loyalty, excessive acquisition costs, and lack of clarity around the effectiveness of their emerging media efforts. While providing solutions to these issues, our specialty retail experts work with clients to drive long-term customer value through the integration of analytically-based, strategy-driven programs.  

Specialty Retail Connected CRM Platform

IBASE, Merkle's Specialty Retail Connected CRM platform is a fully integrated hosted customer relationship marketing database solution engineered with robust compliments of embedded and repeatable retail marketing intelligence, yet deployable with a high degree of client specific configuration. This design discipline produces highly enabled environments, yet quick and resource-light implementations. 

Powered by the award-winning CognitiveDATA customer data integration technology, our connected CRM platform features the following embedded innovations:  

  • Real-time transaction consolidation & customer value scoring
  • Real-time dynamic response & order attribution to promotional media
  • Embedded digital data integration for unknown to known customer intelligence
  • Visually intuitive, data-driven marketing dashboards
  • API layer real-time integration to digital media promotions
  • Digital analytics for correlation and causation of intersecting promotional media
  • Social, mobile, search, and display integration & data visualization
  • Configurable campaign triggers for automated iterative customer interaction