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Travel purchasing is shifting, more and more, to online.

Are you ready?

With more and more consumers purchasing travel online, travel marketers must develop digital and technology capabilities to optimize their brands through loyalty/retention programs and customer engagement strategies.

Our data-driven, customer-centric marketing approach enables travel brands to provide personalized, meaningful, and profitable experiences to their customers.

Travel companies are discovering the rewards of putting their customers at the center of the purchase experience. Merkle’s customer-centric approach harnesses the proliferation of online and offline data to make informed decisions on channel spend and experience creation.

Our solutions are customized to our clients’ unique challenges — never one size fits all. They include: 

  • Digital Solutions
  • SEO & SEM Solutions
  • Advanced Analytics & Attribution
  • Enterprise Segmentation
  • Technology Platform Solutions
  • Data Solutions

Digital Solutions

With digital spending on mobile, social, and online display services exploding within the travel industry, marketers are challenged with linking the vast amount of data generated to create specific, customer-centric solutions that optimize spend. To do so, we:

  • Identify and target travelers by connecting online and offline data.
  • Increase brand loyalty by launching digital campaigns with the right message for the right audience.
  • Integrate marketing activities in your CRM database for future campaigns.

SEO & SEM Solutions

Travel options are some of the most researched decisions a consumer can make.  Developing a search program informed by prior customer behavior and customer trends can make all the difference. We put a heavy emphasis on keyword quality, intelligence and cross-device behavior using a suite of proprietary management tools to determine how much incremental value each keyword will deliver and how much influence it will make on a customer’s journey to your brand.

Advanced Analytics & Attribution

In the highly price-driven travel marketplace, competitive advantage is achieved by designing and delivering recognizable loyalty-building brand experiences across offline and online channels. We do that by:

  • Determining who your guests are and what they care about
  • Equipping travel brand marketers with better information through core attribution, measurement, and forecasting functions
  • Engaging travelers with value-adding experiences that extend their brand relationship and lifetime value.

Enterprise Segmentation

Our approach to segmentation is based on the idea that our end objective is to positively influence traveler decisions to change behaviors, and in order to do that, we first deep dive to assure we fully understand your guests’ decision-making process.

Merkle’s Connected Segmentation differs from traditional research-based segmentation in three critical ways:

  • It is motivational based: Segments are separated on motivations as opposed to attitudes.
  • It is addressable: We always connect our segments to a database to execute our strategies at scale.
  • It is adopted: We include a deliberate adoption plan with our solutions to align various parts of the organization around a common understanding of the customer.

Technology Platform Solutions

Merkle’s Travel technology team deploys technology and service solutions in support of our Connected CRM framework. These solutions range from the full Connected Customer Platform to point solutions specifically designed for the travel industry. These solutions are enabled to integrate with industry specific systems like reservation and property management.

Data Solutions

As travel companies look to globally standardize their best practices in customer segmentation and targeting, third-party data is essential. Through our Forrester Wave-recognized, proprietary, multi-national database, DataSource™, we offer an objective solution with an analytical approach to data sourcing that creates a strategic advantage for our clients — specifically, the ability to rapidly and efficiently source, append and deploy marketing data that aligns travel business objectives with successful downstream program and campaign execution.

Merkle is built on a data-centric foundation. Decades of experience using data to understand and improve customer experiences has made us exceptionally adept at developing global data strategies and solutions

Clients we serve

  • Marriott Vacations Worldwide
  • Cedar Fair
  • Virgin America
  • Exclusive Resorts
  • Loews Hotel and Resorts
  • RCI
  • Kimpton
  • Royal Caribbean

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