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Luciana Downing

Data Specialist, Global Data Solutions

Luciana has been a marketing professional for 20 years with both agency and client experience. She dedicated the past 10 years developing and implementing customer relationship marketing programs for major corporations in the retail, insurance, technology, and communications industries. Among her responsibilities were delivering analytics and performance driven insights to support business intelligence as well as improve marketing effectiveness and profitability.

Originally from Brazil, Luciana has strong knowledge of the Latin America market and culture. While on Merkle’s International Solutions team, she has been responsible for leading the Latin America practice working with accounts such as Google, MetLife, Schneider Electric, and Dell to support their growth in the region. 

Luciana's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

What to Expect When Entering the Latin American Market

If you are trying to expand your global footprint by introducing your brand to the Latin American market, there are important elements to consider when it comes to your data strategy.

The following topics should be discussed during your planning sessions: