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Remaining creative in a world of data

Episode 3 | May 13, 2021

Merkle Connected with Creative: Serge van Marion (creative director, Merkle NL) and Guy Howland (senior creative director, Merkle UK) sit down to discuss how best to remain creative in a world now so driven by data. What's the role of creativity in masterminding world-beating customer experience management? 

Merkle Connected

This podcast discusses CX transformation with those who enact customer experience change for the world’s leading brands. We’ll be hosting a wide variety of speakers from across the whole world of CX – giving you on-the-ground strategic advice and best practice from experts both within Merkle, and drawn from further afield. Discussions will take in all things data, tech, strategy, analytics, creative and more - giving you the ideas and know-how that you need to develop transformational, data-driven customer experience management practices for your brand.

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Episode Details


Chief Marketing Officer, EMEA


Senior creative director

In this episode, we consider:
* how to break free from simply emulating existing best practice to set up new creative ideas
* where the balance lies between optimisation and taking creative risk
* is data availability a good thing for creative?

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