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Progress Connect

October 11 | Boston, MA

Event Details

We are pleased to announce that Merkle's Lung Huang, Global SVP of Business Development, will be speaking at the 2017 Progress Connect conference taking place October 11 in Boston, MA.

The pace of change in media is fast and furious. New technologies and business models continue to disrupt traditional media, and established players must be innovative to not just keep up with this accelerated pace of change, but to be a step ahead. The deluge of data while previously a blessing, is now a challenge for companies as they try to sort the good from the bad, to fully leverage data for meaningful moments of engagement. However, if successfully harnessed, data can offer the keys to the kingdom; ways to target new audiences, better insights into consumer behavior and potentially new sources of revenue. Competition is fierce and harnessing data, leveraging new technologies, and re-imagining the model, are all crucial to thrive in this dynamic market.

​The 2nd annual Progress Connect will take leading thinkers from across the media industry on a journey to learn what lies ahead, navigate uncertain times while leveraging all the tools to stay ahead. Through discussion, debate, sector-focused sessions and storytelling, attendees will be equipped with a new knowledge of how to compete.

Additional Details:
Venue: The State Room
Event Website: Show Website

Our Sessions

Date/Time: 11:00am, October 11

We are not just rich in data; we are suffering from an overabundance of it. Understanding how to sort the good from the bad and getting the right message to the right person at the right time is key. We also need to consider how much data is a good thing and at what point we need to start being concerned about privacy. How do we make sure we are using it better and avoiding the abuse of consumers? This panel looks at the future of how we can fully leverage data to drive engagement and shared value for all.

Panelists include:

  • Andrew Feigenson, CRO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions
  • Lung Huang, Global SVP of Business Development, Merkle
  • Kristen Lauria, GM, Watson Media and Content, IBM
  • Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath
  • Moderator: Lisa Weinstein, Former CEO, Engine Media, The Engine Group
Lung Huang

Lung Huang

Senior Vice President, Data Solutions