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Adobe Summit—The Digital Experience Conference

April 27 - 28 | Virtual

Event Details

We are an Adobe Platinum Partner and the 2020 Adobe Delivery Quality Enterprise Solution Partner of the Year. With specializations across all Experience Cloud products, we bring deep know-how in audience and insights mastery, ecommerce and cloud solutions, media optimization and DX design – along with proven expertise and unique offerings in data and identity. All of which ideally positions us to power dynamic digital journeys and personalized interactions for global enterprise clients.

Dentsu recently announced a new strategic partnership with Adobe focused on identity, CX transformation, and a shared vision to build value for brands through digital innovation. The partnership adds Merkle, a dentsu company, to the Adobe Independent Software Vendor program and positions Merkury, its identity resolution platform, as Adobe's leading identity partner.

Join us at the 2021 Adobe Summit!


Our Sessions

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 2:00pm, April 27

Consumers are interacting with brands across an ever-increasing series of channels, platforms, apps, and media formats, expecting richer, more engaging, and more personal experiences every day. Brands are struggling to keep up, facing challenges with the cost of content, content velocity, ability to deliver personalized content, and an in their ability to measure the return on their content investment.

In this session Adam Lavelle, chief solutions officer, dentsu global alliances, and James Thomas, global head of creative technology, dentsu, will discuss how to:

  • Understand the content challenges that brands face today, and ways to overcome those people, process, and technology challenges
  • How to frame your thinking about a brand’s in-house “content factory,” including perspectives on in-sourcing vs outsourcing
  • How to move from content efficiency, to content effectiveness, to innovating new experiences for your customers
Adam Lavelle

Adam Lavelle

Global Alliances Sales Architect, dentsu

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 5:00pm, April 27

New privacy regulations, the demise of third-party cookies, and the progressive obsolescence of third-party data are hindering brands’ ability to understand the customers they interact with and to provide value to them across their journey. Brands understand that delivering a total customer experience is the key to success in a hyper-connected world, but without being able to identify customers and prospects, this vision cannot be realized. Learn about Merkury, Merkle’s identity resolution platform, and its Adobe Experience Platform integration. Learn how Merkury can help marketers:

  • Cleanse and unify their disparate data sources into a single person-based ID
  • Enhance Adobe Experience Platform audience profiles for analytics and targeting 
  • Deliver personalization at scale across channels without the use of third-party cookies
Sunil Rao

Sunil Rao

Analytics Strategy Lead, Merkle

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 6:30pm, April 27

When evaluating which solutions you need to deliver great customer experiences, a major consideration is how the different solutions work with each other and the type of issues that you might have to deal with. That’s why Adobe is forging alliances to build turnkey, seamless integrations between technology partner solutions and Adobe Experience Platform that foster interoperability, innovation, faster time to value, and cost savings.

Learn about:

  • The different partnership categories and technology partners (ISVs) that we are working with
  • Practical cases studies to showcase how Adobe and partner solutions work together to address customer needs and amplify customer value


  • Ankur Jain, Director of Product Management, Ecosystem Partnerships, Adobe
  • Casey Myers, SVP, Strategic Partnerships, SundaySky
  • Terence Chesire, Sr Director Product Management Customer Workflows, ServiceNow
  • Gerry Bavaro, Chief Strategy Officer, Merkury, Merkle
Gerry Bavaro

Gerry Bavaro

Chief Strategy Officer, Merkury, Merkle

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 3:00pm, April 28

We’ve heard it before. You want to extend or integrate one or more Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. You want to customize it to solve a specific use case. You want to do it using a modern architecture and a consistent model so that you can reuse the same approach over and over again. You really hate spending time on tasks or code that are not differentiating your offer against the competition – who loves creating CI/CD pipelines or implementing OAuth? So what are you going to do? We have answers. Discover real-world examples from Adobe Experience Manager, Magento, and other Adobe products.

In this session, learn how you can:

  • Use Project Firefly to create cloud native applications that extend and integrate with Experience Cloud solutions
  • Create single page applications or headless applications, and let us run them for you and deal with scalability and security
Deepak Narisety

Deepak Narisety

Experience Platforms Lead

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 3:30pm, April 28

Learn how the first full-stack deployment of Adobe Experience Platform enabled the build of a D2C platform to transform customer experience for Signify’s Philips Hue. By owning the total customer experience, Signify can leverage its consumer data to deliver helpful and relevant personalization, improving the customer experience and accelerating growth.  Join to learn:

  • How to build a multi-channel D2C platform
  • How to accelerate delivery and value realization
  • Why an agile way of working is key to unlocking growth

Alexandra Gaillard

Head of Digital Marketing

Stephen Derbyshire

VP, Marketing Technologies Lead

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 5:00pm, April 27

Jess and Jenn from Digital Pi are back again to show you that Basic isn’t always bad. Creating a personalized experience doesn’t equate to an overly complex process. We are here to show you how to architect all your nurtures into a single, global nurture program with a minimalist framework that will drive maximum engagement. This 5-step framework guides you through your nurture journey. How to get on the Nurture Bus, how to get off it, when to switch to a different Nurture Bus, when to pause, and know where your Nurture Bus is going. Learn how to:

  • Architect your nurture to drive a unified global message
  • Track product interest to power a personalized experience
  • Reap the reporting benefits with a solid framework

Jessica Kao

Director, Client Strategy, Digital Pi, A Merkle Company

Jenn DiMaria

Director, Client Services, Digital Pi, A Merkle Company

Location: Virtual
Date/Time: 9:00am, April 28

With its ability to help create personalised customer experiences across online and offline touchpoints, Adobe Campaign Standard is a powerful tool sought after by many marketers. Launching such a tool requires dedicated resource but, with varying capabilities and multiple brands across markets, how could Sunstar guarantee a successful adoption? With the CV-19 pandemic causing further complication, Sunstar needed a faultless execution across every region. Join this session to learn:

  • How Sunstar launched ACS during the pandemic whilst ensuring the tool adoption across multiple markets
  • The enablement strategy, benefits to collaborators and value generated by ACS adoption

Kelly Hungerford

Director of Digital Strategy and Services, Sunstar Global Consumer Group

Aliénor Goron

Lead Consultant CRO / Email Marketing, dentsu