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Advertising Week

October 1 - 4 | New York City, NY

Event Details

We are excited to participate in Advertising Week taking place in New York on October 1-4, 2018

Join us at Advertising Week, as we discuss People-Based Marketing and the M1 platform as well as brand purpose and objective. Request a meeting to learn more!

Our Sessions

Location: Microsoft Stage
Date/Time: 1:30pm, October 3

People Based Marketing has become a generic term that it is clouding the media space with misconceptions and misrepresentations. In this session, we uncover what is wrong with the space and dive into the truth of marketing to real people. Leaders who work closely with the M1 platform, will discuss the misconceptions, the reality and the future. Come see how M1 is changing marketing as we know it.

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  • Anita Patil-Sayed, SVP, Head of Insights, M1, DAN
  • Doug Ray, Chairman, Dentsu Aegis Network Media, USA
  • John Lawrence, VP of Product - Targeting, Oath
Location: Realtor.com Stage
Date/Time: 2:30pm, October 2

It’s no secret that brands need to play in culture to remain relevant and connect with consumers. But in today’s world, politics, political movements and tribal passions have become embedded within the culture, it’s a part of consumers’ lives – infiltrating all aspects of media. Increasingly, brands won’t win by avoiding “dreaded” political topics as they have in the past. In an age of institutional distrust, brands must stand for something. 

But, just how willing are you to become potentially polarizing as a brand – and in pursuit of what agenda? We will discuss how to successfully balance brand purpose and business objectives in a world that is becoming increasingly divided. Learn how to select which cultural moments make sense to take a stand on and redefine what it really means to know your audience, because maybe – just maybe – there are things we can all believe in.

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  • Angela Steele, Chief Strategy Officer, Carat
  • Luke Atkinson, VP, Smirnoff Global Content & Communications, Director of Brand Purpose, Diageo
  • Lindsey Stein, U.S. Editor, Campaign

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