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Advertising Week

September 23 - 26 | New York, New York

Event Details

Merkle is looking forward to speaking at Advertising Week 2019 in New York on September 23-26! 

Join us for two speaking sessions on September 25 covering addressable advertising and privacy regulations. See details below:

Our Sessions

Location: Workshop Stage
Date/Time: 11:00am, September 25

Advanced TV advertising brings a new world of possibility to savvy marketers, but also added complexity. Especially when it comes to incorporating it into the traditional TV media plan. In this workshop, we’ll present a new, data-backed framework for planning, executing and measuring your addressable and advanced TV buys in full coordination with the rest of your TV spend.

Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher

Global Head of M1 Advanced TV,

Location: Tech Stars Stage
Date/Time: 2:15pm, September 25

Here’s the stone-cold reality. There are: increased privacy regulations, major Internet browsers disabling cookie-based tracking and big media companies deprecating third party data availability for targeting. All the while those walls around the walled gardens are towering higher. It’s safe to say cookie-based ad serving, data usage and tracking is growing more limited by the minute, obfuscating a marketer and publisher’s ability to understand consumers and deliver on the promise of audience-based targeting and measurement. It all seems pretty grim, doesn’t it? But there’s plenty to be done within this new normal. This panel will explore what marketers and publishers are doing to survive and thrive. It will dig into how to achieve cross-channel marketing success using privacy-safe, person-level identity, data, and targeting capabilities. And, it will show us how to adapt quickly because waiting is no longer an option because the future is now.

Gerry Bavaro

Gerry Bavaro

Chief Strategy Officer, Merkury