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BAI Retail Delivery

October 13 - 14

Event Details

We are excited to present at BAI Retail Delivery 2015 taking place October 13-15 in Las Vegas!

At this year's event Merkle's Paul Evers, Sr. Vice President & Client Group Leader, will present the case study with Lamont Young, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Marketing, Digital Sales and Payments, Citizens Bank, titled "Expanding Reach in the Digital Age – Retooling For Growth".

Digitally-empowered consumers are changing how banks communicate, interact and acquire customers.  A critical mass has been achieved through the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the services they enable.  A material opportunity exists to engage with a relevance and frequency at scale that was not achievable in the past.   A material risk also exists for banks who do not develop the strategies and capabilities required capitalize on this opportunity.  Through this presentation, we will demonstrate how Citizen’s Bank is retooling through data, analytics and digital technology to expand the reach and impact of their customer engagement strategy.  The goal is to highlight both what was achieved and what is possible. The presentation will be supported by in market examples of program effectiveness.  

The session will cover the following 3 key points:

1. Industry and consumer trends creating the need for immediate action

2. Analytic, technical and engagement core competencies required to compete

3. Rationalized path leveraging assets that already exist

Register today!  If you would like to schedule a meeting with a member of the Merkle team at this conference, please contact our events team at [email protected].


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