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BRITE '14 Conference

March 3 - 4

Event Details

Merkle is proud to be speaking at this year's BRITE '14 Conference, taking place at Columbia University on March 3 & 4.

At 3pm on Monday, March 3, David Williams, Chairman & CEO, Merkle Inc will lead a session titled, "Connected CRM: Delivering on a Data-Driven Business Strategy."

How do you lead a customer-centric, data-driven business strategy in a disruptive digital world?  By tying customer data to business decision-making, with Connected CRM™.  When executed successfully, this approach will create a fundamental shift in your organization, placing the customer at the heart of business strategy.  Join Merkle Chairman & CEO David Williams as he discusses the importance of an organization’s ability to understand consumer behavior, and how to use that knowledge to create personalized experiences that drive long term customer value and sustainable competitive advantage. 

To learn more about Connected CRM™ or to set up a meeting with David or another member of the Merkle team at the conference, please contact our Events team.  To register for the BRITE conference, visit their conference site today.

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