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DailyMotion Panel: Contextual Targeting on the Rise

October 30 | New York, NY

Event Details

Merkle is pleased to be speaking at the DailyMotion Panel: Contextual Targeting on the Rise taking place on October 30 in New York City.

Contextual targeting is an efficient technique to ensure the ad will be relevant to the audience, by focusing on the site's content rather than on user's behavior. Its future is promising, with new technologies improving its capabilities and more advertisers embracing it as a strategy.

The panel of industry experts will share insights on: The main reasons for contextual targeting growth, how GDPR has played a role in the rebirth of contextual targeting, advantages in comparison to audience-based targeting, and new contextual advertising technologies to watch for.

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Location: 50 West 23rd Street, #10th floor, New York, NY 10010
Date/Time: 6:00pm, October 30


Jay Wells

Jay Wells

Sr. Director, Strategy

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