Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit

February 27 - 28 | San Francisco, CA

Event Details

Merkle was proud to sponsor and speak at the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit West in 2017. Details on our speaking engagement are below. If you'd like access to our presentation from the event, fill out the form on this page.

Our Sessions

Date/Time: 7:00am, February 28

This session till talk about how today, marketers must take advantage of digital marketing opportunities that are increasingly data-driven, programmatic, and addressable. This can only be achieved by understanding and reaching actual people with relevant content—across media, channels, and devices—that’s personalized to them as individuals. People-based marketing creates an enormous potential to simultaneously increase conversion and ROI while improving the overall customer experience. The downside? It’s extremely difficult to implement.


Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell

Senior Director, Financial Services

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