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DMA Chicago Nonprofit Conference

August 27 - 29 | Chicago, IL

Event Details

Merkle is pleased to be attending and co-presenting at the 2018 Chicago Nonprofit Conference - hosted by the DMA Nonprofit Federation - in Chicago, IL on August 27-29, 2018.

This two-day event provides attendees with the opportunity to exchange innovative marketing and fundraising ideas, generate insightful solutions and think creatively to drive stronger donor relationships. 

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Our Sessions

Date/Time: 1:00pm, August 29

In 2016, MADD’s direct mail program was falling off a cliff. Net revenue was projected to disappear within years. A program that was aflush in cash just decade earlier, was now on the precipice of being a net revenue loser for the organization.

With a new agency in hand, MADD set out to turn the direct mail ship around with a combination of a renewed focus on testing discipline, appropriate forecasting, re-evaluating vendor relationships, and, importantly segmentation and database evaluation that lead the program to meet budget and project flat net revenue within 18 months. Find out how focusing on the “non-flashy” work of good direct mail management has set MADD up to be able to invest in programs across our development office. We will review:

  • Evaluating and negotiating vendor pricing and structure (how long have you had that contract in place?)
  • Evaluating who you’re mailing and why? Is your segmentation on auto-pilot?
  • Why database flags matter and why you should look at them regularly! (MADD uncovered nearly 300,000 mailable names via this process)
  • How to find pockets of opportunity within your old school DM program to allow for future-focused expansion and programs across all channels.


Miriam Magnuson

Director, Direct Response Marketing

Dorene Ocamb

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Greg Fox

Vice President, Nonprofit Vertical Strategy

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