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November 14 - 15 | Sunnyvale, CA

Event Details

The 3rd ARF West event, FORECASTxSCIENCEwill compare conventional forecasting tools (ie. surveys) to Big Data approaches (ie. Google Trends and social media listening) and their ability to help marketers predict outcomes accurately, to spot trends, and to monitor customer sentiment - as well as best practices to more reliably predict what’s next.

Topics will include:

  • Examining whether surveys are still a credible tool for guiding business decisions
  • Looking more closely at how unstructured data (social, search, WOM) combine with traditional data for better answers
  • Understanding the new tools that help analyze more data better – AI, cognition and machine learning examples

Our Sessions

Location: Google Building MAT1⎜1184 N. Mathilda Ave. ⎜Sunnyvale, CA
Date/Time: 9:10am, November 15

One of the biggest shifts in advertising is the collision between CRM and advertising. This has caused all sorts of upheaval like structured data being combined with unstructured data, the need for advertisers to reorg, historically data rich advertisers are now data-poor, the line between advertiser and publisher is getting blurry . . . and a lot more.

Questions? Email [email protected]


Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher

Chief Analytics Officer, Merkle

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